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Single Review: Taylor Swift – ‘The Last Time’ ft. Gary Lightbody

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We’ve all heard the Taylor-formula. Date a boy, break up with ’em, and then write a song about it. And with every groan and moan and complaint of such a repetitive way of writing a song, you still have to admit: Swift writes catchy break up songs. If you’ve never let yourself dance to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and screamed You Belong With Me at the top of your lungs you need to let yourself go, even if it turns out to be one of your most secret guilty pleasures.

Taylor Swift - The Last TimeSwift’s latest album Red has been out since October 2012 through Big Machine Records, but her hits just keep on coming. The Last Time is the seventh single release from Red, which makes it the album’s fifth international release. Featuring Snow Patrol’s very own Gary Lightbody, The Last Time is quite a down to earth duo compared to the other singles Swift has released from the album so far.

The Last Time is a duo in every sense of the word. Both Swift and Lightbody have clear equal representation in the song, unlike other ‘duos’ where a single singer usually steals the spotlight and the other is left to just sing back up vocals and maybe the bridge. When looked at the lyrics there is an evident sense of despair and sorrow for a lost opportunity in love.  Unlike the blatantly obvious break up songs that Swift writes, The Last Time is the kind of song that truly focuses on the feeling behind a broken relationship. This is evident with just the piano opening the song into the solemn strings playing along with what feels like a worn out beat that drags on to represent that sinking feeling.

It’s been more than a year since Red was released and Swift’s fans are ready for some new music. But while they wait, singles like The Last Time are sure to keep them and any unannounced Swift fans satisfied.

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