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Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Hand On Heart’

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Hand On Heart is the new single from the soon to be re-released Olly Murs album Right Place Right Time. It first appeared as the sixth track on the original version of Right Place Right Time but has since been reworked for this new version of the album, which also features several new tracks.

Olly Murs Hand on HeartWhat strikes me first as I listen to the reworked version of Hand On Heart is the new intro. The piano part is different and there are now wistiful “ooh”s over the top. It’s a little sentimental for my liking, but a lot more inventive than the old, rather dull intro. Then in comes Murs with rhythmic, pulsing vocals over a thumping beat, something which was not introduced until much later in the original. The second new thing I notice is that the electric guitar melody over the verses has been replaced with a much more complementary piano line. Yes, the new version is sounding like a cleaner, more cohesive whole. It also makes better, more varied use of its back-up singers.

The sudden halt of the instrumentals before Murs sings “Just put your hand on your heart,” which also featured in the original, lends a wonderful jolt of electricity to the song.

The lyrics are far from original but the chorus is catchy and has lingered in my head all day.

When I first heard that a reworked version of Hand On Heart would be released for the new version of Mur’s album Right Place Right Time I was sceptical, and thought it all sounded a bit dodgy. However, this new Hand On Heart is a whole different beast when compared to the original version. It is punchier, seems more thoughtfully produced and is thoroughly deserving of its single status.

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