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Single Review: Jason Derulo – ‘Trumpets’

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Trumpets is the fourth single from Jason Derulo’s chart topping album Tattoos. Trumpets has big shoes to fill, with Talk Dirty (feat 2 Chainz) hitting number one in countries around the world and Marry Me comfortably hitting the top 10. Can it live up to expectations?

JasonDeruloTattoosThe song showcases Derulo’s impressive falsetto, and starts off with a sweetly sung chorus which sets the audience up for a catchy hook to follow. Derulo states that “everytime that you get undressed/I hear symphonies in my head”, and the hook follows to give an example of what this symphony/the trumpets sound like. This is where things fall apart. The trumpet melody is  not bad, but it is definitely not the catchy hook that caught everyone’s attention in Talk Dirty. The real problem here is the drum beat; it feels as though it is holding the song back and makes the song seem as if it is dragging.

The other issue with the song is the lyrics. Each line in the verse starts with “Is it weird that…” and ends with a variety of bizarre things, including that “your ass reminds me of a Kanye West song” and “your bra reminds me of a Katy Perry song.” These lyrics are just strange and don’t really sound that romantic.

All that being said, Trumpets still has a catchiness to it and is sure to delight Derulo’s fans. Whether it delights anyone else, however, is another matter.