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Single Review: Taylor Henderson – ‘Borrow My Heart’

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As we watched in suspense as this year’s top 3 Australian X Factor contestants battled it out for the winners crown, we had our hopes firmly raised for the eventual announcement that husky voiced Henderson had achieved the glory.

TaylorHendersonBorrowMyHeartInsertUnfortunately this was not the case as Dami Im, mentored by Dannii Minogue, took the title. This wasn’t as big of a disappointment to us as we had initially thought. Dami was worthy competition right from the start as she belted our power ballads and brought the house down with her club-inspired dance anthems but Taylor had kept us entertained the most throughout this year’s competition with incredible renditions of the Mumford & Songs hit I Will Wait, Fun’s Some Nights and a spectacular reworking of the Cyndi Lauper classic, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

With Dami releasing her debut single Alive immediately following the announcement of her win, her fellow X Factor chums have also joined the race to the top of the charts with singles of their own with Taylor releasing what would have been his winners single, Borrow My Heart.

A sweet folk guitar picking opens the singers debut single before a sweet piano tinkering shows face and Taylor delivers an exceptional, folk-rich chorus around some gentle and lyrically sentimental verses. The lyrics in the second verse which go “Love when will you lend yourself to me” just pulls at the heartstrings before the chorus pops in memorable fashion with Taylor erupting in the latter half allowing the structure of the chorus to sound quite contrasting.

Taylor has a voice that you just can’t help but adore. Though Dami Im was crowned winner of this year’s X Factor, this doesn’t mean that Taylor will fade back into obscurity. It isn’t always the winner of the show that comes out on top – look at One Direction as a fine example of that. They came in third place and have since become household names around the globe. We think that Taylor is going to become one of the biggest stars to come out of Australia since Guy Sebastian thanks to his musical charisma and vocal uniqueness.  We are certain that Borrow My Heart is just the beginning of a lengthy career for Taylor.