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Single Review: Lorde – ‘Royals’

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Its hard to know how to react to young talent isn’t it? On the one hand its brilliant to witness this marvel of an artist perform, on the other you start to think what you were doing at that age… and what you’re doing now… and what you might never do… you get the picture. Lorde is one of those artists this really applies to.

LordeRoyalsThe 16 year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand (real name, Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has been winning the hearts of music fans old and young with her refreshingly minimalistic electro pop and the re-release of single Royals, from her acclaimed debut album Pure Heroine only serves to win more.

With a voice far beyond her years and a gloriously subtle instrumental the track is a stellar example in how to create a catchy and satisfyingly danceable tune without going overboard with unnecessary ‘explosives’ that take away from the artist.

Indeed, the most captivating thing about Royals is Lorde’s wonderfully tamed vocal delivery with throaty calls and luscious harmonies complimenting the clicky beat, droned bass and warm synths. Its a rootsy delivery that serves more purpose than a massive Skrillex style ‘wob-off’ ever could.

Lyrically Lorde seems to be carrying a similar message of rejecting pop culture norms singing “We’ll never be royals” and “We crave a different kind of buzz” that suggests more humble intentions. Not to say ambition is short, as she purrs “Let me be your ruler, you can call me queen B” it would seem whilst she rejects the mainstream ideals, she’s not shy of a challenge.

If Royals is anything to go by, she’ll reach the top without breaking a sweat… and make everyone else feel incredibly old too.