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EP Review: Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Changing Of The Seasons’

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Coming along to become a household name, Two Door Cinema Club’s electro-indie sound keep them apart from other acts of the massive indie-rock genre. Changing Of The Seasons showcases their individuality’s success as their second EP release. The band’s other successes include their self-recorded debut EP Four Words To Stand On, and two studio albums under the independent French label Kitsuné.

TwoDoorCinemaClubTwo Door Cinema Club are also known for remixes, either of their own music or remixes done by the band of other artists work. That’s what makes their music so diverse. They provide their original tracks, and follow up by composing badass remixes that should be the highlight of any club, rave or party. Changing Of The Seasons not only presents a more techno-electro vibe overall, but also includes a fourth remix track; something that’s starting to become a tradition with Two Door Cinema Club releases.

The EP starts with Changing Of The Seasons, a pumping song with a cheery, upbeat exterior. The song deals with broken love, a common Two Door cinema Club theme, with their hit songs What You Know and Something Good Can Work also having romantic pursuits in their lyrics. When listening to the track there is a sense of optimism in the air, and while its bittersweet lyrics create a not-so-happy interior, the instrumentation of the piece is what really gets the song going. The catchy keyboard ditty is combined with layered vocal harmonies and signature subtle guitar riff that’s present in almost every Two Door CInema Club Song, which acts like icing to a very motivational and uplifting cake.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is Crystal. While being a track that doesn’t include any synths or keyboard riffs, its tranquil atmosphere is very calming to listen to.  The sweet harmonies and overlapping strings combined with a delicate piano accompaniment leaves the listener feeling like their floating peacefully in the clouds.

The last two tracks on Changing Of The Seasons are essential for any dance mix. I couldn’t control the urge to sway along to Golden Veins, and neither will you. And after listening to Monsieur Adi’s remix of Changing Of The Seasons, I can definitely see why they decided to include it in their EP release. The smooth tones and relaxed beat running in the background give the song a more warming feeling.

It’s been a year since we’ve heard from the Northern Irish indie band, and their tiny comeback has left us wanting more. The next Two Door Cinema Club release will definitely be one to count down to after such a great 4-track EP.