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Single Review: Jessie J – It’s My Party

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Jessie J has been busy unveiling her new bald image (though her hair is growing back) and getting ready to release her upcoming second studio album Alive. She has already proved to be more than a one or two-hit wonder after the success of the single Wild.

JessieJCo-written by Jessie J, Price Tag collaborator Claude Kelly, John Larderi and Colin Norman, It’s My Party has a pretty ambitious title that suggests a banger that would suit any party playlist.

Instead, It’s My Party starts with a gentle guitar groove that is just….there. This features on the verses, which are far too restrained to keep the attention of listeners despite Jessie J’s dynamite vocals.

The chorus is also underwhelming, mainly because of the track’s crappy mastering that scrunches the dynamic range so much that everything sounds loud. It is nevertheless catchy: high points include the repetition in ‘do-do what I want’ and ‘da-dancing alone’, and Jessie J’s spectacular, high-pitched background harmonies.

However, it’s clear from the groovy guitar, cheesy bridge (‘you think I tweet too much’), occasional cursing and ‘not giving a f— at a party’ theme that It’s My Party lifts way too much from Raise Your Glass by that other ballsy, short-blonde-haired, talented, empowering performer, P!nk. The backing track has NO edge whatsoever. Listeners would be forgiven for thinking this was another Pink track in the din of a party.

Apart from being a victim of the loudness war and not showcasing the trademark Jessie J sound, It’s My Party is quite inoffensive. Considering its party theme however, it might be too inoffensive and therefore is too unmemorable for a party playlist.