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Album Review: Crossfaith – Apocalyze

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Apocalyze is the new release from Japanese “electronicore” outfit Crossfaith and is one of the most explosive, chaotic and refreshing albums of the year. Crossfaith are a band known for pushing boundaries and producing music that can’t be contained to a single genre. They combine electronic, hardcore and metal influences for a result unlike any other band on the scene.

CrossfaithApocolyzeThey have also made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting and talked about live acts going around at the moment, and with so much energy and chaos packed into each song, one can only imagine how insane a live show of theirs would be.

Crossfaith have found a way to successfully blend electronic and synth elements into a metal based style on Apocalyze. Their sound is a unique re-invention of the electronic-metal genre which refreshingly blends these influences to set themselves apart from other bands with a distinct Crossfaith sound. At times even dubstep style beats find themselves making appearances on the record. If you’re struggling to imagine what this band sounds like, think hardcore party – imagine Parkway Drive if they stumbled onto some electronic equipment and just went nuts with it.

Fair warning, Apocalyze is not for everyone. It is an intense and heavy collection which will be appreciated by most fans of the metal genre but would probably never find its way to mainstream success.

Starting with Prelude, it’s clear that this album is going to push boundaries. The 20 seconds of sound allude to a record full of mystery and music that can’t quite be defined, which is backed up as soon as We Are The Future starts. Electronic synth beats open the song and continue to underlie the heavy guitar and vocals that explode from the start, punctuated by brief periods of pure electronic notes.

Eclipse is one of the best songs in terms of summing up what this band is all about. Heavy on the dance side, heavy on the vocals and the metal and taking moments to show off some clean vocals, this is one of the most creative and impressive tracks on the record.

Melodic electronics take a rest on Countdown to Hell as the album’s halfway point focuses more on aggressive guitar and drum riffs with non-stop ferocious energy that continues into Deathwish.

The album closes with Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes, a passionate and potent three and a half minute masterpiece about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. Featuring heavy riffs and verses interspersed with clean vocals, the track ends abruptly just as you expect another breakdown and leaves the door open for a bright future to follow on.

Crossfaith have undeniably outdone themselves with their new, ridiculously exciting and explosive collection. Apocalyze is a refreshing release that will only encourage the indisputably talented band’s future in music.

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