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Single Review: Geri Halliwell – ‘Half of Me’

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I have to admit – when I first heard the latest solo effort from Geri ‘Ginger Spice’ Halliwell, I was a tiny bit disappointed. I have been a fan of Geri from the moment I saw her dancing around a London hotel in a sparkly dress in the video for Wannabe back in the mid-nineties and have followed her solo career ever since. After a lengthy solo hiatus she has returned with Half of Me, the pint-sized starlets first single in close to a decade.  The single is a basic pop track with a (dare I say it) cringe worthy trumpet running amuck in the background as Geri declares her devotion to her other half throughout the number.

GeriHalliwellHalfOfMeIt has to be said that Geri has done better in her solo years. Her debut album Schizophonic, the first following her departure from her former mega-group The Spice Girls, was pretty spectacular. The record was the first to introduce us to ‘Geri: The Solo Star’ and delivered a string of number one hits and much like her fellow Spice mate Mel B’s latest single (For Once In My Life), I was kind of hoping to receive something along the lines of that debut. What we have been offered is something that fits in to her latter material and perhaps a style that we should expect to hear on her next album.

As time has passed, the initial unsettled feeling from my first listen to the track has gradually thinned with a few spins and I find myself at the point of warming to this number (though the trumpet still really does needs retire) and although I don’t regard the single as her finest work (It’s no Look At Me or Bag It Up), Half Of Me is a fun, sugar-coated pop hit that is about as catchy as pop gets these days.

Given her success rate with singles during her time as a solo artist, racking up numerous number ones around the globe, I’m sure that Half Of Me will do the singer proud in any case. Afterall, if there is one thing that Geri Halliwell is more than capable of doing, it is delivering catchy pop tunes and making the world pay attention to them.

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