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EP Review: Morning Smoke – In Euphoria

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Morning Smoke hail from Brighton, have only been together for about a year and are about to release their debut E.P, In Euphoria. The EP is a stand out with elements of post punk, 80’s pop, surfer and fuzz rock and the overall sound is similar to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division.

Morning Smoke - In EuphoriaMorning Smoke drops you right into the deep end with the first track, Tangerine. It’s a catchy tune which admirably showcases McNulty’s booming vocals, the solid guitar riffs and rhythms and the tight and fun drum work. It works well for me because it shows the overall chemistry of the band.

The title track is breathless. The song wraps around you like a warm blanket on a winter’s night. Beginning with a very basic chord progression on piano, every note sung by McNulty sends shivers down your spine. The song changes around the 1.38 minute mark as the piano fades away and a booming roll on the drums performed by Isaac Ide knocks you back into the real world. The lead guitar riff is nothing short of pure brilliance and the song structure doesn’t become annoying at any point.

Last but certainly not least is DYWD, which features a groovy drum intro reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. This song really showcases the talent that these four guys have.

Quite like a mixture of Joy Division and post punk legends Gang of Four, Morning Smoke is new, unique and a truly amazing band. My only issue with this EP is it left me wanting more and hopefully they follow up with an album very soon – a small taste was not enough!!