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Single Review: Arctic Monkeys – ‘One for the Road’

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There was a time not too long ago when Arctic Monkeys were just four young lads from Sheffield looking to cause a riot and have a laugh. Then the world took notice, and the band’s bashful confidence turned into a deeply introspective demeanor. Over the years the band has experimented with a variety of sounds and styles but the Arctic Monkeys charm has grown into something much darker and much heavier.

OneForTheRoad_AMNot that this shift is causing complaints. AM, the band’s fifth studio album has been praised by critics and fans alike. Here, the band has exuded a swagger unlike anything we’ve seen from the quaint troupe before. The album has taken the brooding ambience of Humbug and mixed it with classic Britpop styling’s to make an album that only the Monkey’s could produce and subsequently carry.

The album is chocked full of highlights, the latest single One for the Road being one such standout. Here, the band has ditched the face melting guitar solos to go about creating a heavy atmosphere in a different way. The chugging bass line and slow-moving drumbeats make for a real foot stomping frolic. Front man Alex Turner has obviously worked to become a master of his own voice and his devilish croon makes his delightfully sultry lyrics sting that much more.

It’s a champion of a song. With One for the Road, Arctic Monkeys have the listener firmly gripped in their clasp. It’s a complex song and a fresh take on a unique Monkey’s rock-song formula. It’s gleefully dark and it’ll leave you begging for more.

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