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Single Review: Shane Filan – ‘About You’

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About You is the touching new mid-tempo ballad from former Westlife crooner Shane Filan and comes ahead of the singers brand new solo studio album You & Me which is out at the beginning of November.

ShaneFilanAboutYouAbout You follows from the singers previous debut solo single Everything To Me and the theme is fairly similar to that track; a declaration of love. The lyrics to the track are rich in sentiment as Shane sings over a guiding piano within the songs verses while the chorus to the single is uplifting and slightly anthemic with its soothing yet driving string section lifting the track from gentle to momentous is a heartbeat. You can also hear Shane using different vocal techniques on this track which differ from what we have heard from Shane in the past and are perhaps the result of his time in the States, working on his solo album in Nashville over this past year.

The track is the perfect single to follow Everything To Me and the perfect track to release to tempt listeners prior to the unveiling of the stars forthcoming album release. It’s not too distant from what we know of Shane’s former efforts in his now defunct boy band but carries a freshness with it that will certainly appeal to both fans of Westlife as well as perhaps those who just like a soft, radio-friendly pop track.