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Single Review: Gabrielle – ‘Say Goodbye’

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It’s a testament to a good honest tune when you hear an artist whose biggest hits were twenty years ago, and they still sound as fresh today as they did back then.  That’s what I feel when I hear some of Gabrielle’s earlier tracks such as Rise and Dreams, and new single Say Goodbye is definitely a return to form.

Gabrielle Say GoodbyeThe iconic swept hair is back atop Gabrielle’s head, along with the instantly distinguishable vocals which sit atop this catchy song.  It’s nothing fancy or flashy; the song doesn’t need to cover itself with gimmickry because it works perfectly well without, like most of Gabrielle’s songs.

Sparking into life with a catchy piano riff and sampled vocals, the song seems to take a reflective look at life, with the singer almost in reflective mode about love and its consequences, but also seeming to have a nod towards her career, with lyrics such as “and I’m not sure what the future holds”.  She takes this with a pinch of salt however, actually looking forward happily and proud of what she’s achieved.    You may wonder how can I gain this much insight from the song, well it’s more the vibe that’s taken from the track. The uprising chorus leaves an openness and a feeling of moving on, exactly where Gabrielle is at the moment.  The sample is apparent throughout the track and gives it a nice hook, as well as some original sounding rhythm sounds keeping the beat  leading up to the first chorus.

Say Goodbye is a welcome addition of six new tracks to Gabrielle’s new compilation, and goes to prove she still hasn’t lost her touch.