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Album Review: Taylor Henderson – Taylor Henderson

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If you haven’t heard of Taylor Henderson yet, then you’re missing out on the rise of an international star. As a finalist on this years season of The X Factor Australia, fans thought he might have had it in the bag, but was beaten by Dami Im. However, with the success of his performances on iTunes, including two number ones, no one had any doubt that Taylor would get signed and go on to great things. What was surprising was that Taylor was signed to make an album of his X factor performances; this is usually only done by the winner of the season. But I doubt fans are complaining, as Taylor Henderson treats listeners to the full length versions of songs that they’ve been wishing for, and you don’t have to worry about pesky audience cheering in the background as with the show performances.

TaylorHendersonSelfTitledTaylor was often said to be the most versatile and well-rounded contestant on the show, and this album proves it. From top 10 hits to an 80s classic, from pop to folk, Taylor impresses on every track. The inclusion of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature, which was not available to fans before, is a great addition to the album. Armed with just his vocals and his guitar, this acoustic rendition features Taylor at his best and most confident.

During the show Taylor took on a few contemporary tracks in I Won’t Let You Go, I Will Wait, Let Her Go and Some Nights. Whilst I Won’t Let You Go and I Will Wait remain faithful to the original recordings, Taylor’s unique voice effortlessly adapts to suit these two very different styles of song. He easily makes Let Me Go sound as if it were his own song, and Some Nights is featured as a more stripped back version of the song. This is a rendition we haven’t heard from Taylor before, and it sounds just as fantastic as the lively version heard on the show. Taylor’s cover of Wake Me Up is notably missing from the album, a shame since many believed it to be one of his best performances.

The number one singles Borrow My Heart and Girls Just Want To Have Fun show a more vibrant and fun side to the singer, and it’s no wonder these catchy tunes shot up the charts with the superb vocals. Taylor shows off his softer side with the mesemerising The Blower’s Daughter and Choir Girl, and never fails to impress on classics The Horses and One Crowded Hour.

Taylor Henderson has a voice that you can’t help but want to listen to, no matter what he’s singing. Part of what makes him so exceptional is that his voice always has the right tone for the right song, and doesn’t make the mistake of oversinging like so many others. There is something on this album for everyone, and the only criticism I have is that I wish there were more original songs.

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6 thoughts on “Album Review: Taylor Henderson – Taylor Henderson

  1. I don’t think you watched the show too closely Melissa “fans thought he might have had it in the bag”, Dami was the clear outstanding singer from early on regardless of what blind fans thought. Ronan Keating knew early in the live shows that Dami was just that good, did you not hear him say comments to Dami like it’s great having a international star like you performing on the show and that could we have a separate show for Dami so the others can compete on X Factor etc.

    There’s never been a Australian singer on a TV talent show as versatile as Dami who can sing songs from Hero to Best of You, and then huge vocal performances of Purple Rain and Don’t Leave Me This Way.

    Public voting polls on several websites showed a huge % went for Dami to win and the X Factor votes would not have been much different either.

    1. Thanks for your comments Stephen. We are very happy with our decision to give Taylor’s review 5 stars. We believe this is a well deserved score for a very talented artist and one of the country’s brightest new talents. Dami is also a great performer, you are correct. They are both very different artists though and we have approached both reviews of Dami and Taylor’s records from completely unbiased standpoints which I am sure you can understand. You might see that we also reviewed Dami’s album and gave her a great review and score based on her own record.

      Again, thanks for your comments. It’s great to have your feedback.

  2. Taylor Henderson you are the most amazing singer and songwriter I have ever seen in my whole life I wish u all the best in your future cheers my champ xx norma

  3. So who ever loves TAYLOR HENDERSON could you please buy his self titled album called Taylor Henderson because trust me you will love this young and amazing and talented singer and songwriter cheers norma ur #1 biggest fan

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