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Single Review: Flamez feat. ZeeZee – ‘The Sound of Life’

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From start to finish, The Sound of Life is a great club song with an upbeat Summer vibe. Opening with a cheery toe-tapping, fist-pumping beat and the beautiful vocals of ZeeZee, the song instantly delivers a good mood which doesn’t subside throughout the whole track.

FlamezTheSoundOfLifeYoung up-and-comer Flamez steps in to pick up the song’s tempo and balance a masculine voice with ZeeZee’s femininity. The two voices complement each other fabulously, working with the electronic beats in the background to produce an infectious rhythm which is impossible to sit still to.

The song offers an exciting glimpse of these two artists who are relatively new on the scene but perform with such confidence that you’d think they’d been doing this for years.

The song’s video is as much of a Summer party as the track itself, showing scenes of pool parties, beaches, cruising through streets and dancing at clubs.

The Sound of Life is sure to be a huge feel-good Summer anthem from two exciting, young new artists in Flamez and ZeeZee which will have you singing along all season.