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Single Review: The Wanted – ‘We Own The Night’

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With One Direction’s phenomenal success, it’s no wonder The Wanted are trying to get in on the action. Whilst they’ve had some catchy tunes and hit songs since forming in 2009, such as Glad You Came and Chasing The Sun, the English-Irish boy band has never quite gotten to the level of rival’s One Direction.

TheWantedWeOwnTheNightWhilst One Direction are pretty squeaky clean, The Wanted have earned themselves a reputation as the hard-partiers of the pop industry. From trashing their LA mansion, to nearly drowning in a drunken coma, rarely a week goes by without reports of their wild antics. Their new single, We Own The Night, seems to be a nod to this lifestyle. “May our hearts be full/ Like our drinks tonight / May we sing and dance/ Till we lose our minds”, the lyrics talk of being king of the party and staying out until sunrise. The accompanying chorus gives the song a real pub chant feel, and you can imagine the crowd sitting around the pub, sloshing their beers and having a great time.

This being said though, sitting around a pub isn’t exactly what I think anyone would imagine a great night out with The Wanted would be like. Though it’s a decent song, the lyrics and music perfectly complimenting each other, We Own The Night is pretty underwhelming. Given their reputation, and their previous party songs, fans would be expecting a song that would make them want to party; something to get them pumped up for the night ahead. To me, this song is just the opposite. It feels as though it’s the end of the night; maybe it was a great night and one they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, but it’s over now and they just want to go to bed.

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