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EP Review: The Preatures – ‘Is This How You Feel?’

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If last year’s EP Shaking Hands and lead single Take A Card weren’t enough of an explosion onto the global indie-pop scene, the new EP Is This How You Feel? leaves no doubt that Sydney band The Preatures have arrived and are here to stay. This EP is perfection, and it seems like everyone agrees.

ThePreatuesIsThisHowYouFeelOn their Triple J Unearthed page, The Preatures describe themselves as “The Velvet Underground crashing into motown”, “a blend of Gothic soul and rock and roll combin[ing] classic songwriting with raw, infectious delivery”, and that’s pretty accurate. Their first EP Shaking Hands, released in 2012, was a great mix of old and new, reminding listeners of their favourite bands of yore, whilst being youthful and fresh at the same time. Is This How You Feel? captures that same feeling, only better.

The EP starts out with the huge hit of the same name, Is This How You Feel?. It’s a feel good, boogie inducing, groove based concoction that explodes into one of the most catchy choruses I’ve heard in a long time. Just try not to swing your hips and sing along, I dare you.
Then there’s Manic Baby, the second single off the EP. This song reminds me of something out of a 1970’s cop show; restrained, seductive vocals, smooth guitars, funky beat. It’s not as fun or catchy as the previous track, but still pretty damn good.

Revelation (So Young) switches gears to slow and sexy. There’s something very 80’s about this track, very minimal and reaching, but it’s pretty boring in my opinion. Singer Isabella Manfredi’s vocals feel very restrained. Towards the end, there are glimpses of her exquisite abilities, soaring above the rest, but for the main part, she seems to really hold back. I feel like if she’d just let go a little bit, this track could have been something special, but it doesn’t quite get there for me.

All My Love, on the other hand, showcases The Preatures other lead singer, Gideon Benson, to much better effect. It’s a melodramatic bluesy number, and Benson’s smoky voice really compliments the seductive nature. When Manfredi joins him, it’s like a sexy but beautifully sad dance, and it’s amazing.

The last track, Dark Times, brings the EP full circle. We’re back to jangly, 70’s inspired pop: fun, bright and sparkly. There’s even a rad little guitar solo. It’s a perfect way to end the EP, and will leave listeners snapping their fingers with a smile on their faces.

Though The Preatures lyrics are nothing profound or particularly special, their sound is unlike anything else on the music scene right now. They’re a wonderful mix of indie-pop, motown and 80’s garage, and Is This How You Feel? is a great snapshot of their growing sound. Having recently supported LA babes Haim around Australia and about to embark on their very own national tour, already selling out shows in Melbourne, it will be great to see what’s next for this super talented band.