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Single Review: Beady Eye – ‘Shine A Light’

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Every so often there comes along a band that becomes so unprecedentedly massive that they practically create a dent in that particular time period they existed in. The Beatles, The Smiths and – as was the case in the ’90’s – Oasis, managed to encapsulate what living in that era was like, and in doing so become ingrained in culture and music history for forever.

Beady Eye shine a lightHowever, when such machines come to an often explosive end, the members dispersed in the rubble are left trying to attempt to pick up the pieces and reassemble ‘part 2’, with such attempts being more successful than others. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds was met with commercial and critical acclaim, with Beady Eye (aka. Oasis, minus Noel) receiving slightly less so, especially with the output from début album Different Gear, Still Speeding sounding like Oasis, minus the dazzle dust.

It is here we turn to the single in question; Shine A Light is part one of a double A side – part deux being The World’s Not Set In Stone – and is the second single to be plucked from Beady Eye’s second album, B.E. Surprisingly, it manages to (almost) eschew general Oasis-lite fodder. The song’s catchy, if barely altering rhythm, whisks the listener up onto a hazy cloud laced with psychedelia and aromas of the East – and it is those little attentions to detail that drag Shine A Light up from being more than average. Lyrically however, it is a little clunky (eg. ‘See the man of the cloth, got it wrong from the off’), though it quickly becomes apparent that it is the repetitive qualities that is what carries this song. It is extremely unlikely that Beady Eye will ever pen a song on par with their Oasis days, for Oasis they are not, though with that observation aside, it is pivotal to point out that Noel will never be Oasis either.

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