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Single Review: MGMT – ‘Your Life is a Lie’

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MGMT’s latest single, the first from their forthcoming self-titled album, is an obtrusive one. It is perhaps MGMT’s most concise and aggressive song when compared to their body of work. It is certainly a departure from their past offerings. Yet, given MGMT’s perpetually “weird” style, it all seems to make sense.

MGMTYourLifeIsALieUpon first listen, it’s difficult to really accept the track. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic about the bands past pop anthems and how this new track is worlds apart from that. But then you realize that since their first album, this, Your Life is a Lie, is what MGMT has been working towards.

Clocking in at just 2:00 minutes, this track is as concise and chaotic as MGMT could have ever hoped for. It’s a sharp slap of surrealism the likes of only The Flaming Lips have seen before. The video only perpetuates this notion, but in a sense takes away from the song’s ultimate power. That is, the lyrical fortitude of this song. Your Life is a Lie, at its core, is a wonderfully constructed rhyme that glides effortlessly. With no line of the song exceeding more than four words, the song efficiently tells the tale of collective alienation, all while aggressively making sure the world knows that we’re all living a lie.

The song is undeniably distinct, and while their work could continue to alienate fans, it’s clear that MGMT are branding their own completely different style and fixture within the music industry.

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