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Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Right Place, Right Time’

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Olly Murs is doing very well for himself despite being a runner up on the UK’s The X Factor in 2009. He has since released three albums, had several hit singles and was a support act of Robbie Williams’ recent European stadium tour.

OllyMursRightPlaceRightTimeThe title track off Murs’ third studio album was written by Murs, pop hit songwriter Claude Kelly and English producer Steve Robson – the same songwriters behind Murs’ debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go.

Right Place Right Time is a far cry from Murs’ debut single, with its uplifting, modern synth-pop production. There are even throwbacks to the 1990s, with a house-like piano riff that forms the basis of the verses and a sampled drum loop reminiscent of The Prodigy’s Breathe.

The lyrics such as ‘I’m letting go’ and ‘this is why we came’ and the galloping piano/synth/strings arrangement in the chorus attempt to give the song an air of euphoria. However, at the same time, much of Right Place Right Time isn’t quite ‘epic’ enough. Despite Murs showing off his vocal prowess with falsetto and full-throated vocals, they don’t disguise the fact that the melody in the chorus is a bit flat.

The taste of dubstep in the bridge is unnecessary, but it is temporary. The synth loop in the background, meanwhile, feels supersonic and sounds delightful.

Right Place Right Time finally gets big in the final chorus. A prior hook in the song that is a bit lost in the production re-emerges in Murs’ louder ‘ah-ah-ah-ah’ background vocals. This is easily the best hook of the whole song and it’s a shame that this is so restrained earlier in the song. This hook, the chorus and that cool synth loop from the bridge all come together in the end, making this the song’s best moment.

Overall, this is a safe, radio-friendly 3-minute pop song that achieves its purpose in making listeners feel good. It is refreshing, as it doesn’t sound like every other generic EDM-influenced song on mainstream radio these days.

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