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Single Review: Emblem3 – ‘3000 Miles’

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It seems like artists nowadays are earning their fame through the show X Factor and this was clearly the starting point of Emblem3’s music career. Combining American reggae/pop rock, this band introduces a refreshing sound to the boy band scene of today’s music industry. With their recent single of 3000 Miles, it’s only been well over two weeks since their music video came out, already reaching over one million views and close to fifty-thousand likes on YouTube. Nonetheless, this is quite an achievement by Emblem3 being only exposed to the world since last year.

Emblem3 - 3000 Miles3000 miles is a ballad and from the start of the track, you could easily assume that it would either be a song from Westlife or the Backstreet Boys. This track has a nostalgic feel to it because it’s about being homesick and missing loved ones. Emblem3 were originally formed in Sequim, Washington but then the band moved to Huntington Beach, California in order to pursue their music career. The relevance of this song reflects upon their experiences and in the music video, it shows different video clips of the band members that were mainly showing memories from their childhood. It’s a very emotional track by the band because the lyrics are quite heartfelt and sincere.

In the chorus, the boys sing in harmony with one another, showcasing the strength of their vocals. The music also changes as soon as it hits the chorus because it introduces several other instruments such as the guitar, drums as well as the piano notes that have been used in the entire track. It accompanies well with the lyrics as it creates a calm and graceful mood within the song, maintaining that pop-rock edge of Emblem3.

Although 3000 Miles is a solid track, some people may find that the auto-tune is way too overpowering of the vocals which disregards the genuine feel of the track. Others may find that Emblem3 are quite similar to other bands such as One Direction and The Wanted, making them another ‘clone’ band of the teeny-bopper world.

With that being said, it’s admirable to see Emblem3 breaking through the music industry and successfully having an established fanbase in over a year. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty normal for boy bands to emerge from music competitions such as X Factor and with their recent release of 3000 Miles, this track is only the beginning of what they have to offer in the music world.

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