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Single Review: DJ Khaled – ‘No New Friends’

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No New Friends is the first single unveiled from DJ Khaled’s upcoming seventh album Suffering From Success, set to be released later this year. The single features a trio of guest stars in Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne to deliver a catchy, albeit somewhat repetitive tune which is sure to be a hit with fans.

DjKhaledNoNewFriendsThe music video features a clever blend of home-movie, VHS style footage dated May 1996 and present day footage as the stars sing about not needing new friends because they’ve had each other since “day one”.  And of course there are plenty of shots of beautiful, bikini-clad women, because no hip-hop video would be complete without them. The video is probably the most original quality of the track, which is not unlike anything we’ve heard before.

The song runs just shy of 6 minutes long and while you may find yourself nodding and singing along with its catchy chorus and rhythm, it feels lacklustre and falls short of being memorable, especially considering the star quality of those involved.

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