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Single Review: DJ Cassidy – ‘Calling All Hearts’ (featuring Robin Thicke and Jessie J)

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When imagining how a song featuring pop stars Robin Thicke and Jessie J would sound, an old school disco track is not what I had in mind. But throw in the highly sought after 70’s-and-80’s-music-lovin DJ Cassidy and that’s exactly what we’ve got. Calling All Hearts is the first single and taste of music from Cassidy’s own debut album Paradise Royale, due out later this year.

DJCassidy-CallingAllHeartsDefying genre boundaries in the upbeat dance track, DJ Cassidy makes a strong and funky first impression. Enlisting the help of Robin Thicke and Jessie J was a smart move for the American DJ, with Ms J’s vocals particularly shining through the infectious dance beats as if they were designed for the disco genre.

DJ Cassidy’s goal to bring the fun and energetic musical elements of the 70’s and 80’s into the current pop scene has been achieved in the high-energy track which entices the listener to get up and dance along. Beginning with the simple delivery of the chorus line “Calling all hearts to the dance floor tonight/Let love start”, the song adds layers and depths as it plays on, bringing in backing and supporting vocals, electric guitar work and electronic beats to give the track a legitimate disco feel.

Incorporating both male and female voices give the song a well-rounded and finished feel before winding down with a lovely Jessie J solo which lets the singer show off her wonderful vocal control.

Calling All Hearts is a fun and well produced track which incorporates many upbeat elements to create a disco-pop song showing lots of potential for the DJ from New York. The first track from Paradise Royale sets the bar high for a highly anticipated energetic and catchy dance album.