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Interview: The Rifles

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The Rifles are currently enjoying the success of their latest studio record, None The Wiser which saw its release in late January.

With the record serving as the fourth in their growing catalogue, we spoke with front man Joel Stoker about the bands years in the industry, the changes within the bands line-up and what fans might expect with the latest batch of songs they have delivered. Here is what he had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: Hi Joel, how are you today?

JS: Very well thanks, just getting back into writing album number 5!!

BV: You recently released None The Wiser which is album number 4 for the band. What can fans expect from the new collection of tracks?

JS: I think there’s a bit of the old more up beat stuff on there then the sound kind of grows up and matures as the album moves along.

The Rifles - None The WiserBV: Is there a favorite track for the band on the record and what about the track makes it a favorite for the band?

JS: That’s a hard one to call. I keep changing my mind but I love them all (obviously).

BV: How do you think you have evolved as musicians and as a unit over the past 4 albums?

JS: We probably spend a lot less time on stuff that probably didn’t really work in the first place.

BV: Each of your previous records have done well in terms of landing at various positions on the album charts. Did you approach the release of None The Wiser with any expectations in terms of how well it does commercially?

JS: I think we’ll all be happy as long as the fans like it. (Number 1 would be nice though!)

BV: The band has been through its fair share of line-up changes over the past few years but you are now back to the original line-up. How does it feel to be working together again in the bands original form?

JS: There’s only been one line up change but we’re all really happy its the 4 of us back together again.

BV: Who sparked the reunion of all four original band members – can you talk us through the process of how the reformation went?

JS: Me and Luke (Crowther) had written quite a few songs and we needed to get into the practice room with them and rob and grant we’re our obvious 1st port of call, and it just felt totally normal like nothing had ever changed.

[youtube id=”WWKZPR4980U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Is there anything you are doing differently these days, now that the original line-up is back in tact, so that there are no future changes or do you take it one day at a time?

JS: No more changes. We just have to work it around our families and whatever we’ve all got going on, we just have to be a little more organized these days.

BV: When it comes to writing a new track or putting together a new album, would you say that you are perfectionists or do you believe that spontaneity and improvisation has better rewards?

JS: I totally believe that you need both things.

BV: Where do you find you draw the most inspiration from when sitting down to pen a new collection of songs?

JS: I wish I knew, so I wouldn’t have to go around the houses.

BV: What do you think The Rifles to the musical table that is unique to other artists/bands?

JS: I just think we write catchy songs with good melody and lyrics which there seems to be quite a lack of on the radio these days.

BV: Who are you all listening to at the moment. If we were to stumble across your iPod’s, who would we find?

JS: I still like listening to a lot of older artists and every now and then I’ll stumble on something new but my finger isn’t firmly on the pulse. The last new thing I’ve heard and liked was Luna by the Bombay Bicycle Club.

BV: If you got your pick of anyone in the music industry to head out on the road with or record with, who would be your top 3 choices and in what capacity would you like to work with them?

JS: I’d like to tour with the Arctic Monkeys. I’d like to write with Nile Rodgers and record with George Martin or Paul Epworth (whoever wasn’t busy).

BV: Are there any tour dates planned for 2014?

JS: Yes we have a tour starting at the end of April.

BV: How would you best describe a live show by The Rifles for anyone who has not seen you perform live? What could a newbie expect if they headed along to one of your shows?

JS: It always feels like everyone enjoys themselves and there’s always a lot of singing along, so make sure your in tune.

BV: Thanks Joel and all the best with the record and upcoming tour.

JS: Thank You

The Rifles new album None The Wiser is out now.

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