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Interview: B*witched

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We sat down to talk career highlights, fav catalogue songs, the 90's and tours with the lovely Edele and Lindsay of Irish pop outfit, @BwitchedReunion

The 90’s was an absolute hotspot when it came to pop music. One of the last eras where music carried a solid identity, it was a time where pop artists really thrived. It was the time when the charts and magazines like Top of the Pops and Smash Hits were dominated by global successes like the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, 5ive, Britney Spears, Steps and Ireland’s bounciest quartet, B*witched.

B*witched exploded into the pop scene in 1997 when the UK market was pumping with catchy acts delivering us non-stop hits – something members Edele, Keavy, Lindsay and Sinead also helped contribute to over several years and mammoth hit singles that included C’est la Vie, Rollercoaster, To You I Belong and Blame It on the Weatherman before calling it a day. Over a decade later they reunited and released a gorgeous EP titled Champagne & Guinness and that was the start of a new era for the outfit. With 90’s nostalgia sweeping through the UK and beyond, many acts from back in the day have been seen reuniting and reliving their peak years with hugely successful shows and teasing new music and the latest return of B*witched has been met with open arms from a fanbase that can’t seem to get enough of the Irish foursome.

Following hugely successful performance at this years Mighty Hoopla and ahead of delivering a set at this years Superboxx Festival at Rochester Castle (July 6 – tickets HERE), Renowned For Sound spoke with Edele Lynch and Lindsay Armaou about the groups early success, changes to the industry and their favourite career moments as well as plans for new music and live shows. Here is what they had to tell us…