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Live Review: Paloma Faith – 3rd July 2024- Eventim Apollo, London, UK

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Live Review: Paloma Faith - 3rd July 2024- Eventim Apollo, London, UK

Hackney-born singer Paloma Faith has been busy with a steady stream of gigs and festivals, mostly in the UK , since early February to coincide with the release of her sixth studio album, The Glorification of Sadness. We caught her July 3 show at the iconic Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London.

Previously admitting The Glorification of Sadness took inspiration mostly from the breakdown of her relationship with her long-term partner, she referred to it as a ‘miserable album’ several times during the first half of the set which was almost exclusively songs from the new album. Wearing a nude-toned ensemble comprised of a rubber trench coat (that she joked made her look like a ‘human condom’), brown skirt and sheer top, she kicked off the show with the gospelly There’s Nothing More Human Then Failure.

The stage setting for the first act was simple, just a portion of the stage bordered in an led-lit frame, and a slanted runway that came out of the frame giving it a cool, three dimensional look. She was accompanied by her four band-members and two impressive backup singers. She worked her way through the songs on the new album and, as she typically does, stopped ever few songs to tell a few anecdotes or opine on everything from British politics, the tabloids, to her ex-partner. The momentum of Act 1 built up to a crescendo and finished with Sweatpants, a bold, anthemic song that showcased her powerful vocals even when she ventured out into the enamored crowd by precariously stepping across the seat-tops.

After about a 25 minute intermission, Act 2 opened with a slightly different stage setup. The frame was much bigger and opened up the stage much more, and the runway was replaced with the steps. Dressed in a leopard print cat suite, this act was noticeably more upbeat and saw her perform most of her well-known hits including Lullaby and Changing (her hits with Sigala and Sigma), and Picking Up The Pieces which had the crowd waving their arms in the air in unison. Flawless vocally throughout the show, it was songs like Crybaby that also showcased her significant range as she effortlessly traversed highs and lows and proved once again that she is a phenomenal live act.  She capped off the fantastic show with her worldwide hit Only Love Can Hurt Like This.

Act 1: The Glorification of Sadness
There’s Nothing More Human Than Failure
How You Leave a Man
God in a Dress
Bad Woman
Say My Name
I Am Enough
Already Broken
Hate When You’re Happy
Enjoy Yourself
Cry on the Dance Floor
Eat Shit and Die
Let It Ride

Act 2:
Stone Cold Sober
Picking Up The Pieces
Upside Down
Can’t Rely on You
Only Love Can Hurt Like This

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