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Single Review: Pendulum – ‘The Island’

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Pendulum have had a succession of popular releases over these past few months as the band become accustomed to the sweet smell of success at the helm of powerfully created and dedicated records of dance metal. The bands earlier beginnings centred around underground drum and bass however as the band has grown so has their sound and they have enveloped a more commerical dance feel that has become synonomous with the bands signiture sound as well as buiding on an ever growing fan base.

PendulumTheIslandWith Pendulums latest release, Immersion, proving to be a fan favorite with the singles Watercolour and the incredible Witchcraft, single number three, The Island, is now ready to hit the shelves and radio waves.

The Island is a progressive and energetic dance floor filler that comes in two parts, Part One – Dusk and Part Two – Dawn. The latter is the bonus part to the single with Part One – Dusk leading the way. More twangy and high speed than a lot of the accompanying album tracks, it combines a meaty trance vibe with the bands distinctive vocals and grinding beat. It’s a versatile track that takes a step to one side from previous single Witchcraft, which offered a more prominent element of metal than The Island, showing a band going from strength to strength with an undeniable ability to develop their sound and perfect their production. The pairing of both parts is very contrasting with the latter half a non vocal and more rapid extension to the track. The physical copy of the single also comes packed with three impressive remixes by the likes of Tiesto and Lenzman.

The Island is a great track for these guys and a track that is bound to be a winner in the alternative and dance charts. Coming from such a versatile parent album the track is musical splendor mildly laced with techno bliss.