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Single Review: Katie Melua – ‘The Flood’

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Ive never really been a big follower of Katie Melua. Strange considering her sound is right up my alley. After hearing this track however it prompted me to buy several of Katie’s previous releases.

KatieMeluaTheFloodThe Flood is Katie’s first single from her fourth record The House.

The song is packed to the brim with an atmospheric and orchestral sound and having the talents of Guy Chambers (known for penning hits for Texas, Kylie Minogue and most notably his musical partnership with Robbie Williams) in the co-writers seat and genius electro-pop producer William Orbit (Madonna’s Ray of Light) the single and parent album is in no doubt bound for the charts.

The way that Melua sings this song is nothing short of perfection. Her vocal delivery is entrancing with its sincerity and her voice illuminates genuine conviction. Her whispery tones throughout the song, doubled with the eerie musical arrangements and vulnerable and powerful lyrics, are what make this track in my opinion Melua’s best to date. Broken people get recycled and What we own becomes our prison are just a couple of the metaphorical gems found in this song that make it so profound.

The structure of the song is also inspiring particularly the acoustic change of tempo and fitting harmonies nearing the end of the track before returning for the final enchanting chorus.

Though the influences of Katie’s jazz roots are still heard on The Flood, she is in no doubt also branching out into the larger-scale commercial pool with this single. The track was enough to bring William Orbit out of retirement and gets five stars from me.