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Single Review: Mini Viva – ‘One Touch’

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One Touch is the new single for Xenomania project Mini Viva.

Formed in 2008 the duo consisting of Frankee Connolly and Britt Love bring together a song synth heavy and youthfully glitzy from the get-go.

MiniVivaOneTouchThis is the duos third single following 2009’s I Left My Heart In Tokyo and I Wish both leaving no lasting impression on the new pop scene hitting number 7 and 73 respectively in the UK.

Xenomania are the successful songwriting production team behind Girls Aloud as well as being credited for songs from Cher, Kylie and Pet Shop Boys.Unfortunately with this track the team seem to miss the mark entirely and instead of producing ear friendly pop have conjured up a forgettable piece of bubblegum pop whose life probably started out as being a Girls Aloud reject and feels more like a track created to fill the time while their successful girl group takes a break.

The lyrics are very generic and the song is neither catchy nor original in its production. It has a strong eighties feel that reminds me of a mix between Bananarama and Mel & Kim though lacks both the credibility or potential to be remembered past 2010. A disappointment for a production team who in my opinion are responsible for the conception of a vast catalogue of the last decades most successful pop hits.