Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

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Single Review: Commission – ‘Take Note’

2 min read

Take Note is the new single for urban hip hop duo Commission.

CommissionTakeNoteUnfortunately this track doesn’t seem to have been written with a ‘hit’ in mind and is not one to take note of.

The song is very repetitive for the most part to a slightly irritating level and the production is quite shabby though saying this it is in very minor sections a semi-catchy track though not a standout amongst others in the urban genre.

Its basic synth and video game effect foundations are loose and minimalist and its message of ‘Kids – don’t leave school’ makes the song sound more like a school lecture meets school productivity campaign overlapped with monotonous rapping in its best attempt to become something worth having a second listen to.

Not the greatest produce from these guys – maybe a follow up single will provide us with a little more originality and creativity providing the educational element is toned down a little.