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Single Review: Lil Wayne feat Eminem – ‘Drop The World’

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A lyrical rap-fest set over a melodic synth backdrop Drop The World is American rapper Lil Waynes 3rd single from his 2009 album Rebirth.

LilWayneDropTheWordLil Wayne is an amazing rapper who has worked alongside the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z, Mary J Blige and Madonna and has very quickly found himself with an A-list status in the hip hop world.

Though the parent album received mainly negative critic reviews, the opposite can be said by the fans of his music and I think that this latest offering is his best to date.

Drop The World is a lot more laid back than what we usually get from Lil Wayne. Here he teams up with hip hop superstar Eminem for a monster collaboration.

The song has received a more positive reception than Rebirth, being hailed as the most anticipated track on the record.

With lines like ‘I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes’ and ‘My word is my pride, but wisdom is bleak and that’s a word from the wise’ the song proves to be one of Lil Waynes most lyrical and metaphorical songs and shows that he is not a one trick pony – this guy can really write.

Though on the track Lil Wayne’s delivery is strong I think Eminem really helps to pull the seams in on this one and his addition is what will be acknowledged more than anything in making this number a hot addition to the hip hop scene for 2010.

The Grammy Award winning singer is currently behind bars so lets hope he puts his time into penning more golden tracks like this one in his 12 month absence.