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Single Review: Jamie Lidell – ‘I Wanna Be Your Telephone’

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Soul and electronic artist Jamie Lidell has recently released his latest record Compass and from the album comes the new single I Wanna Be Your Telephone. The record is the musicians latest delve into futuristic pop and has long time friend and collaborator, Beck, at the producers helm.

JamieLidellIWannaBeYourTelephoneLidell, who originates from Cambridgeshire and moved to New York to pursue his music career, has been fortunate enough to have his music exposed throughout the states through retailer Target as well as having a track featured on the hit American drama, Greys Anatomy, and has maintained a fairly successful career with a back catalogue including Freekin The Frame and Multiply Additions among his album releases over a career that has now spanned over ten years.

His latest single to be taken from Compass, I Wanna Be Your Telephone, is to be released on the 19th July and, along the same lines as Lidell’s previous work, is a track heavy with auto tune and one man beat-boxing and has a strong dose of sound effect filled electronica.

Unfortunately for Lidell, I Wanna Be Your Telephone is a poor attempt at cracking the mainstream market or even making any sort of a dent in it. It’s a simple and unproductive number for the musician that severely lacks in originality and sounds more like a poor Prince off-cut than anything else, disappointing from an album featuring a lot more quality than this particular track contains.

Fortunately the single comes with b-side Gypsy Blood which seems more single-friendly as well as a remix of the title track.