Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

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Single Review: Guineafowl – ‘Hello Anxiety’

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Australian pop lad Guineafowl is set to release his debut EP Hello Anxiety on June 20th and the introductory offering from the boy from down under is a welcoming addition to eighties laced, eletro-pop with a satisfying filling of 5 self penned numbers that make up a fantastic debut for the multi-talented musician.

GuinefowlHelloTaking on a very atmospheric and global electronic sound Hello Anxiety was recorded in the confines of a tiny antique store near Bondi Beach and showcases the craft of Guineafowl’s musical style as well as his poetic and profound approach to lyricism.

Opening number In Our Circles provides one of the highlight additions to Hello Anxiety. Filled to the brim by a rich atmospheric quality the track leads us into the EP with gusto as we are taken on a nostalgic ride through 80’s synth pop with a coating of modern electronica alongside some meaningful and deep lyrical content.

Harmonized vocals take us through the lead track Botanist with a thumping beat and some clangy, raw guitar-work and Guineafowl sounding more and more like a modern day David Bowie. The track also enlists an 80’s thickened synth sequence nearing the end giving it the nostalgic feel that is frequent throughout each of the five tracks we hear on Hello Anxiety.

My Lonely Arms pulls together some staccato vocals and a boppy rhythm and offers the key upbeat number on the EP. Its rebellious and adamant lyrics ‘so I’m saying, so I’m saying, that I cant go a day without thinking that you’re fucking my brain’ inside an electric guitar riff offers a parental guidance moment on the collection.

Hello Anxiety is a superb introduction to one of Australia’s latest imports of nostalgic pop.