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Single Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen – ‘Bodies’

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Catfish and the Bottlemen have made some considerable noise within the crashing indie circuit since the bands 2009 formation. Having two successful EP’s under their belts and two years of touring allowing the band to gain a considerable fan following and become a well established act on the scene, Catfish and the Bottlemen have now released their latest treasure in the form on new single, Bodies.

CatfishandtheBottlemenBodiesCatfish and the Bottlemen consists of Ryan McCann (Guitar and Vocals), Billy Bibby (Guitar and Vocals), Benji Blakeway (Bass) and Jon Barr (Drums) and together they have lit the indie world up over the past two years with some fiery indie releases that have seen them decorate themselves with critical acclaim and a sturdy and devoted fan base.

The old-school and commercial influences of Van Morrison are present on the record making Bodies a mainstream friendly alternative single for the act.

The guitar riff is what carries the overall structure of the single before the brash heavy vocals of front-man McCann ignite the single and grab your attention creating an infectious and driving track that is packed with a storming instrumentation, confident vocals and a chorus that is as anthemic and hook heavy as they come.

The melodic and infectious hooks that help make Bodies such a memorable slab of beefy indie is why we will be hearing a lot more from Catfish and the Bottlemen throughout 2011.