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Single Review: Slyde – ‘Russian Girls Are Dangerous’

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The rave worlds favourite sons, Sylde, end the year with thier latest addition to the underground dance genre, Russian Girls Are Dangerous, set for release on December 13th.

SlydeRussianGirlsAreDangerousRussian Girls Are Dangerous is a cocktail of electronically beefy instrumentation and a dark piece of storytelling. The scene is set in the after hours Russian club circuit depicting the dirty nature of Moscow’s underground S&M world.

The bands favorite big apple producers, Dirty Moolah, represent the duo creating a flowing track of electronically fueled energy that is heavily drenched in dance floor energy. With an effective Russian accented spoken word laid over some of the most powerfully addictive and pulsating beats to come out of the genre in the past year, Slyde make their mark with as much force as heard in the tracks six minute lifespan and accompanying 4 monster remixes from the likes of heavyweights pals, Tim Healy and Dirty Moolah.

The third track to be released on their very own Slybeats Imprint, Russian Girls Are Dangerous is an orgy of dance-floor beats that welcomes in a new duo of dance music masterminds.