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Single Review: Barbarellas – ‘Night Mode’

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Back in the nineties when the UK charts churned out one hit wonders like it was going out of fashion (and it really did), an Irish girlband took the European charts by storm with their catchy take on pop and some cheesy yet fun video Irish dance moves. B*witched became splattered on every magazine cover throughout the continent with their massive hit singles C’est La Vie, To You I Belong, Rollercoaster and the amazing Blame It On The Weatherman.

BarbarellasNightModeThose days are long past and pop music, to a certain degree, has traded itself in for a more grown up version of its former ‘here on day, gone the next’ self with those moments being reserved for the likes of the Simon Cowell and X-factor portfolio.

With the denim outfits tucked away neatly for dust to settle B*witched twins Keavy and Edele Lynch are back and with them comes a revamped, sexy duo oozing electro-pop goodness from every orifice.

Night Mode is the second single for the girls following their debut Body Rock, both of which are taken from their forthcoming record, also titled Night Mode.

The days of the foursomes poptastic teenage appeal is long gone and in its place comes a sassy electro-pop outfit that has quite the kick. Night Mode is an infectious, high octane, electro-pop number that combines the twins genuine vocal talents with a glossy, Britney-esque production and shows the duos talents as songwriters having penned not only this track but also the entire contents of their debut album.

Night Mode is a fantastic release for Barbarellas and one that is destined to see the act at the top of the charts yet again and living the life of a pop star after a decade out of the spotlight.