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Album Review: Shane Filan – Love Always

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photo: Sara Lee PR

Shane Filan is undoubtedly best known for his work as one of the lead singers of Westlife, a career spanning from 1998 to 2012, after some pretty persistent calls from Filan’s mother to Louis Walsh.  With Love Always being the third solo album under his belt, Filan has more than earned his place as an incredible artist with a stunning voice.

Love Always is a beautiful album, mostly of covers,  which Filan has left his stamp on.  There are also a few original tracks, with the help of Paul Barry and Patrick Mascall, who contributed to his debut, You and Me.

One of the best known songs he has covered is Bryan Adams’ Heaven – or rather Robin Hood’s and Maid Marian’s from the 80s classic Robin Hood and the Prince of Thieves.  This was released as a promotional track, and what a great choice this was.  The piano surrounds you with love whilst Filan’s gentle voice soothes your soul.

Filan’s own Completely ties in perfectly.  The tender melody will make you feel like you’re falling in love for the first time, even if you’re on your 20th go.  The lyrics “I’m falling so deeply, I love you completely” are charged with raw, pure emotion that he perfectly delivers, making this a track you cannot ignore.

Fit for any romance film is Crazy Over You, also an original from Filan.  With lyrics like “if only I could read your mind, would it break my heart or save my life” who wouldn’t fall for this song?  The composition reflects the sincerity in the lyrics, marking Filan as a capable songwriter as well as singer.

Ending the album is the well known Eternal Flame, a track that has been covered so many times it surely doesn’t need another, right?  Wrong.  This song was picked after Filan had asked his fans via twitter what their favourite love songs were.  His voice sounds relaxed and confident, completely owning the song for this rendition.

Love Always is definitely a tearjerker you may not have realised you needed in your life, but you’ll find yourself sticking on repeat.