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Album Review: Nothing But Thieves – Broken Machine

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photo: dean chalkley/Live Nation UK

Returning with what’s normally a troublesome second album, Southend born alt-rock band Nothing But Thieves are back with Broken Machine. From the lead single making Radio 1’s hottest hit of the day to a number 2 album and an upcoming sold out UK tour, including two nights at London’s iconic Roundhouse, it’s obvious that Nothing But Thieves are really in their stride. Broken Machine‘s cover is already becoming an iconic and recognisable symbol within music mere weeks after it’s release – if that’s not musical success I don’t know what is.

They drag you in to their return with some deep bass, heavy drum beats, they hit turbo, get it all fast and you’re sucked into the LP2 before you know it. I Was Just a Kid feels like many different songs in one; different instruments and vocals are each in turn given a time to shine in one of the most distinctive indie tracks in recent memory. All comparison to The Killers and otherwise they’ve drawn has to be thrown aside soon, it won’t be long until others are compared to this.

Amsterdam has already become a standout classic from this era of NBT, no song is quite as catchy as this. The band described the chorus of the lead single as both visceral and guttural, you’re being shouted at here, and you’re going to love it.

Soda slows things down a little, NBT show their versatility in this track with painfully relatable lyrics ‘I don’t wanna be myself, just wanna be someone else’. Killer lyrics followed by somber, lingering twangs of guitar make for an all round smooth and pleasant listen.

The deluxe edition comes with an acoustic version of Particles as well as a piano only Sorry, the two are well worth a listen if you’re a big NBT fan, however the regular version doesn’t feel any less complete without.