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EP Review: Superfruit – ‘Future Friends: Part Two’

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photo: RCA

From NBC’s acapella competition, The Sing-Off, as part of (later) Grammy award winning Pentatonix, to musical YouTube stars, before delving into comedy with Superfruit (often charactarised as SUP3RFRUIT), Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are taking a path no artists have ever walked before. With nearly 2.5 million subscribers, Mitch and Scott are adored worldwide and not just for their music. Their fun, quirky and relatable personalities shine through their videos, giving a human connection with Grammy award winning musicians. And now after the success of their debut duo E.P Future Friends: Part One, the pair are back with Future Friends: Part Two.

Keeping aesthetically in line with Part One,  Part Two opens with How You Feeling? The backing track delivers catchy beats making this a track that wouldn’t feel out of place in any Ibiza club, it’s not hard to imagine the crowds shouting ‘How You Feeling?!’ However, the vocals are autotuned just a tad more than necessary. This pair have killed it as part of an acapella group for years, so we know they can bring it with their vocals, maybe they just wanted to try something different. It’s a strong effort, but weak compared to the other tracks on this EP.

Guy.exe’s piano opening is jarring in the best way, it’s refreshing for a synth heavy EP. Familiar electric beats come in soon enough, Mitch and Scott have already got you hooked on this one. They push their voices as much as possible, tackling different notes, styles, layers – they give it their all. What an amazing track.

Future Friends: Part Two is innovative, new and distinct in many ways, one being something that shouldn’t be revolutionary – men singing about loving men. There’s a notable lack of LGBTQ+ representation lyrically, but SUPERFRUIT are breaking down those barriers. This EP might be a different vibe for Pentatonix but a welcome one, they’re two artists evolving and growing without alienating their fanbase or displeasing many, a feat few are able to accomplish. However there’s some room for improvement.