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Single Review: While She Sleeps – ‘This Is The Six’

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Sheffield’s rising rockers While She Sleeps have made steady progress since the heavy metal quintets 2012 mini album release that was The North Stands For Nothing and the band hope to continue their reign of the metal genre with the release of their brand new single, This Is The Six.

WhileSheSleepsSingleWith the singles forthcoming album, also titled This Is The Six receiving its final touch ups before it hits record store shelves on August 6th, the title track sets the mood for what’s in store on the long player. Unfortunately the single is an acquired taste and one not set to conquer all audiences or appeal to anyone other than metal, hardcore rock followers.

Though the melody of the track bodes well for the quintet I just can’t seem to get past the lack of vocal ability on the number to appreciate anything about this track whatsoever though this is a factor in heavy rock that I have never quite been able to understand or get into. The instrumentation of This Is The Six is presentable and talent is clearly evident amongst each of the band members but what I find so incredible is that not only are the band members able to hear anything by the final guitar strum and drum roll but even more so that front man Lawrence Taylor is able to speak at all let alone ‘sing’ as he has attempted to do on the track.

The forthcoming record release will certainly not be one I will be heading out to purchase upon its release. If inaudible screaming is your thing then While She Sleeps may appeal but this band is one I would rather (try to) sleep through.