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Single Review: Tom Moriarty – ‘Smile (If You Wanna Get High)’

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Tom Moriarty returns this month with the release of his brand spanking new single Smile If You Wanna Get High which is the first single release from his new record Fire In The Doll’s House.

TomMoriartySmileThe track begins with a bluesy intro before Moriarty’s vocals emerge around the staccato beats of a guitar that set the foundation for the remainder of the song.

The track, after an initial listen, is not too bad however the fact that Moriarty’s vocals at the best of times sound strained and worn out on the track is a major flaw for the single and a lot more effort seems like it should have gone into the production of the song before it was released in this form.

Throughout the number I couldn’t help but think I was listening to a track from a character from South Park – animated and slightly shambolic. The saving grace of the single does come in the vocals though unfortunately not Moriarty’s. The backing singers that the musician has enlisted for the single do a fantastic job as they sway behind Moriarty and give the track a diva feel as they show off some sweetly uniformed harmonies.
The verdict – not a bad track but, along with the b-side that accompanies Smile If You Wanna Get High, the piano led Every Trick In The Book, listening to the track more than twice really emphasizes just how forced Moriarty sounds on the release and leaves a slighly bad taste in your mouth that is a little unforgiving with the league of talented singer songwriters on the current scene.