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Single Review: Tatiana – ‘Spider Web’

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Polish beauty Tatiana is gearing up for the release of her debut album which hits stores this week. Titled Spider Web the record has spawned its first single also titled Spider Web and the debut release showcases a songbird with fiery vocal talent and a gift at musical delivery.

TatianaSpiderWebWith the help of Andy Murray and Denis Ingoldsby, who have a combined portfolio that includes the likes of Sugababes, Alicia Keys, Gary Barlow and Craig David to name a few at the producers helm, Tatiana has been given a guiding and helping hand as she nudges the bar of euro-diva slightly north with her first attempt at solo stardom.

With influences of funk and soul twisted around a melody that beams in power pop goodness and some gorgeous syrupy vocal textures, Spider Web proves to be an future hit for Tatiana and one that gives good vibes to the upcoming album release.

As she manoeuvres vocally around a backbone of piano tinkering of Alicia Keys quality, Tatiana unleashes lashings of sentimental lyrics as she sways between mournful soul queen to hit some impressive high notes right through to Anastasia-esque tones showing that she can truly set a chord on fire.

Spider Web is a fantastic introductory single that sets some pretty high expectations to the singles parent record and doesn’t fail to tick all the boxes in what we would expect from an infectious, power-pop ditty from a singer that the UK is set to welcome with open arms.