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Single Review: Jeff Lowe – ‘Suicide River’

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Well known and sought after among some of the worlds most acclaimed and elite songwriters, Jeff Lowe has become a session musician in high demand. Stepping out of the shadows of his fellow musical com-padres over the past few years, Lowe is now stirring things up with the upcoming release of his new album, Hitchcock Cafe.

JeffLoweSuicideRiverTaken from that record is the collections introductory nugget, Suicide River.

Now don’t be too put off by the title, less mournful and more reflective and poetic Suicide River is a light taste of what’s to come on the parent record release and sets the mood for a man who has spent far too long in the back seats of international stardom and is now preparing to become an artist in his own right.

Suicide River is a sweetly delivered fairy tale type number where Lowe bops around a sentimental foundation of strings and some complimenting, dreamy back up vocals offered by a trio of female vocalists including Lowe’s very own niece. These singers act as the Sirens of Suicide Vale as we are told through the lyrics promise to rescue a boy from suicide as long as he sings his own songs as if no others exist.

The vocals are crisp on Suicide River and Lowe skips through the four minutes of piano laden, poetic storytelling with ease.

Suicide River is a light and fluffy intro to Hitchcock Cafe that sets high expectations for the forthcoming records unveiling.