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Single Review: The Quails – ‘Fever’

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Teignmouth’s indie lads, The Quails, have been causing a stir on the indie scene over the past few months with some impressive single releases and the band have also been relishing the fruits of their labors with the release of their sophomore record, Master of Imperfection.

TheQuailsFollowing the bands numerous festival appearances promoting the record of the summer, The Quails are now set to release the next single to be taken from Master of Imperfection, Fever.

The track starts off with a progressive drum battering and riff-heavy opening before the tempo drops and vocalist Dan Steer slides in to deliver a soft and almost bluesy verse. With the catchy bridge riff building the tracks memento into the chorus, Fever delivers more than just your average indie single.

With a seducing bridge leading to an almost orgasmic chorus, the track packs a punch and helps to mold a creatively written and well structured indie number.

The tempo changes throughout Fever are what make the song so memorable. Jumping from the rigorous chorus offerings into the subdued and sombre verses adds a versatility to Fever that single it out from the plethora of indie that we are force fed daily.

With its fair share of rock star style screaming, impressive guitar whirls and a chorus as catchy and melodious as they come, Fever is a great track to further the bands reputation as one of the genres brightest new additions.