Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Single Review: Axwell – ‘Nothing But Love’

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Axwell is set to turn the music world on its head with his latest release, Nothing But Love, a track that perfectly fuses a multitude of genres including Soul, Pop and RnB with an electrifying dose of synth-pop to give it a dance floor filler flavor.

AxwellNothingButLoveNothing But Love starts of as a gentle piano number with vocalist Errol Reid entering the track with his soulful vocals and as the energy increases progressively with an electro-beat thumping the number explodes into a beat heavy electro-pop stormer in the chorus.

The title of the track is repeated throughout the track and is deeply planted into the mind for easy remembrance.

Reid’s vocals are impressive and versatile on the track showing off a gentle a laid back tone and swinging straight into dance floor whirls and hollers. The impeccable and captivating vocals combined with a melody and musical structure that is both energetic and infectious create for Nothing But Love some serious chart potential.

Along with the radio edit of the track fronting the single, the track has also been taken through the remix machine as we are also offered four inclusions superb club gems.