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Single Review: Madcon – ‘Freaky Like Me’

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Hailing from the depths of Norway, electro-pop newbie, Freaky Like Me, is the new single for Scandinavian duo, Madcon. The pair, which consists of Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam, came to international light with the 2007 single, Beggin’, which scored the duo a number one single throughout Europe.

MadconFreakyLikeMeTwenty years into their career and these guys are still going strong with the duo set to offer us their latest single to be taken from their forthcoming album. Freaky Like Me is single number two from the upcoming release and follows the previous hit, Glow.

Freaky Like Me is a glossy hip hop track for the duo which is soaked with commercial potential and lavishly produced in retro-urban flavors and a heavy portion of electro-pop beats. The delivery of the rap heavy verses work their way into the melodic and infectious chorus of the track perfectly as the song sets out to conquer the charts.

Guest vocalist Ameerah flirts with the rhythm in almost perfect harmony and adds a sweet vibe to the track. Her voice sits well between the hip hop deliveries of the leading men that make up Madcon.

The song is a quality effort for these guys who have been kicking around the music world for the best part of 20 years. Having already sold millions of singles and claimed a World Music Award in 2008, Madcon can do no wrong with this latest track that has ‘chart hit’ written all over it.