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Single Review: The Orb featuring David Gilmour – ‘Hymns To The Sun’

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Coinciding with of the release of The Orb’s latest album, Metallic Spheres, which hit shelves on 11th October, the beat heavy, ambient outfit have released for us the records first single Hymns To The Sun which marries up the talents of the ambient/house pioneers with one of the worlds most iconic musicians.

TheOrbDavid Gilmour, the voice behind Pink Floyd, joins the house collective in a track that proves to be as lacklustre and pointless as they come.

Unfortunately those anticipating to hear even the slightest amount of brilliance heard in the numerous Pink Floyd recordings on Hymns To the Sun will be sadly disappointed.

The track begins sounding like it is already mid way through and the volume has just been turned up. Guitar riffs and a glossy production of spacey sound effects take us through the three minute track of what I can only describe as nothingness. It never really develops into anything, just a track that spirals around and never quite hits the spot.

The parent record has been described as a concept project, something that the Pink Floyd veteran is familiar with having been responsible for creating some of the most impressive musical soundscapes over the past 40 years. Lending his guitar skills to Hymns To The Sun however adds no such substance or quality to make it a memorable one.