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Single Review: Devlin feat. Yasmin – ‘Runaway’

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Devlin’s new single Runaway is set for release on 25th October and with the rise of fellow British hip hop breakthroughs including Professor Green and Example, Devlin is a similar addition to the music scene who raises the bar on hip hop soundscapes with his atmospheric future smash, Runaway.

DevlinRunawayThe single is a sweet release with the inclusion of vocalist Yasmin providing syrupy backing vocals and the hook filled chorus that makes the track a memorable record.

Rather than a simple hip hop track, Runaway is an elaborate single entwining a heavy synth foundation, a gorgeous string arrangement and some flattering piano sections that fill the track nicely around the tight and extensive rhyming of Devin and the charming, whispery vocals of Yasmin.

The single is the lead release to be taken from the rappers forthcoming debut record, Bud, Sweat and Tears.

The physical release of the track also comes hand in hand with the amazing B-side The OT Show which is a powerful yet darker add-on which includes some jaw-dropping, high speed lyrical deliveries by Devlin. Well worth the extra pound or so.