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Single Review: You Me At Six – ‘Lived A Lie’

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The boys are back with another slice of pop-rock loveliness.  Lived A Lie is the new single from You Me At Six’s new album Cavalier Youth and if this catchy track is anything to go by then the album should be their best to date.

You Me At Six - Lived A LieThe band may hail from Surrey in England, but that doesn’t stop them having a distinct American feel about the music.  Actually, if you got a massive blender and threw in My Chemical Romance, the drummer from Foo Fighters and Kelly Clarkson, you’d probably get something reminiscing their new single (just remember to put the lid on, it could get messy).

This isn’t a bad thing however, because the song is extremely catchy and probably going to be their biggest hit to date.  Starting off with distorted guitar over lead singer Josh Franceschi’s warming vocals, he lets rip in the chorus perfectly completing the fuller sound and classic pop lyrics. “Somebody told me, I would be a dreamer for life” sings Josh, perfectly mirroring the thoughts of every teenager whoever wanted to be in a band. The middle section is another strong point, featuring marching band style drums which help pull the song together and give it something a little different.

They’ve already expanded their fan base with this track, featuring on the soundtrack to football game Fifa 14. This means Lived A Lie is also getting stuck in the head of many a football fan, which should help their rise up the charts, and deservedly so.  There might not be anything new about this type of music, but the boys do it well and cater for an audience that is getting rarer in today’s music scene, so hopefully the album can live up to the single.

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