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Single Review: Guy Sebastian – ‘Like A Drum’

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Winning a TV talent show can be a bit of a poisoned chalice in some respects, on the one hand you’ve got the Kelly Clarksons and Leona Lewis’, on the other you have the likes of Steve Brookstein and Altiyan Childs. Guy Sebastian, winner of the first Australian Idol, is thankfully part of the former with a string of successful chart singles and albums. He’s back again with brand new single Like A Drum and his penchant for chart hits looks like it won’t be spoiled.

Guy Sebastian - Like A DrumIndeed, Like A Drum is a banger of a ‘choon’ that will no doubt populate dancefloors across Australia and would not be out of place anywhere else on the globe. “Someday I know we’re gonna feel again, just like we did when we were younger, Someday I know we’re gonna beat again like a drum” sings the Australian R&B star over a 4-to-the-floor beat and rapidly strummed guitar before the song explodes into a super catchy melody. Similar to Taio Cruz mega-hit Dynamite, the song will no doubt be a soundtrack to the Australian summer.

If anyone questions the longevity or quality of talent show stars, Sebastian is doing a grand job with Like A Drum in showing that with good songwriting and the kind of jump inducing club hits that the singer produces, its not always a bad thing. Whether its in your living room, a nightclub or even a bus ride to town, wherever you hear Like A Drum, you’re bound to have some fun.

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